MT Resource

What's the multi-touch:

The best website of multi-touch:


the C++ library working Tbeta:

MIRIA,a gate of  tuio:

TouchGateway,work the flash online:


Jeff Han,New York University,2006:

Steve Hodges,Microsoft Research,2007:


University Pompeu Fabra:

Multitouch company:

Multitouch showcase:

Multitouch applications and libraries:

A company in HK:

A company in Shanghai:

Gesture Library

I will finish it recently,here is some link:
the gesture of apple
here is some video about gesture

Documentation of Openframeworks
OSC addons of openframeworks
TUIO addons of openframeworks
the mouse gesture in Openframeworks
the TUIO proxy
the gesture preview with XML


前几天读了Stephen R.Covey的The HABITS of Highly Effective People,里面的一处引用对我受益非浅,如下:
“除非你愿意,否则没人能伤害你。”——Eleanor Roosevelt,美国小罗斯福总统的夫人。